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Hungry Fox from the release Serpent Umbrella

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The hot spots are getting hotter, burning with the business of the day
Still you dream of tick tock from your great-grandfather’s clock
In grandmother’s afghan, in your father’s rocker as you rock

In your quiet cabin in the snow
Full moon moonlight lights the sights below
Ivory blanket on your bed and the road ahead

Through your pipes runs Elmer’s glue
White mouse in the flour shoo mouse shoo
Then the cardinal in the tree jumps excitedly

Ruby skin burgundy cotton
Chewing on an apple turning ripe into rotten
Crawling like a lobster through the foam
To the front door of your home

Hungry fox stares at the hens through a lens that makes it all make sense
One is hunted one is catched one is Springly hatched

Wrapped up in blood red leather
Sticky purple sweater in the wet summer weather
Licking a vanilla sugar cone
near the front door of your home

As you slept the storm grew great, like ’77 or 1888
Six feet deep and five states wide, stop light sunlight starts glowing outside

Five a.m. is morning walk
But today it’s time for morning shock
Now you’re moving like a dream through a pool of cream

Dream of elephants standing in a trance on your natural piano keys
As your lamplight bleeds the story of a whale

You will be that stuff, a jewel in the rough, a feather on the seas
Keep your mind at ease because the way is steep, the gate is narrow
Shooting like a sparrow through the air like an arrow
Crimson shadow spreads across the floor
Near the front door of your quiet cabin in the snow

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