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Anyone, Anything, Everything from the release Serpent Umbrella

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Someone shut the shutter as
Someone else kicked your ass
And it stuck to you like white on trash

Bumper to bumper until at last
The pinball ball broke the top glass
And thirty years on you’re looking for
Anyone, Anything, Everything

The lucky sons with the quick thumbs
Forgot to thanks their sugar moms as they
Aimed and shot for the highest score

In the city like a freed man
Hungry like Duran Duran
And twenty years on you’re looking for
Anyone, Anything, Everything

Down on the floor
A chewed apple core
In hot apple cider

“Say, can you play?” said the fly to the spider

In the cabin 444
Something shoots through the front door
It’s the early bird and he knows the score

He saw what knocked you off your feet
Made you sweat purple in the summer heat
And years from now he’ll be searching for
Anyone, Anything, Everything

Did the brain in your head make your head ring ring?
Did the thoughts in your brain make your brain sting?
Till everything blew apart everything everything

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