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Monomaniac from the release Serpent Umbrella

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I’m the serpent in your orchard
Whispering near your head
Wrapped around the wooden branches
Making the green ones red
After afternoon of napping, it is me you see
And I see r-e-d

Fuming at a traffic stoplight
Swaying tauntingly
Underneath the burning top light: rose and burgundy
Seven sevenths of the rainbow scarlet as can be
I see r-e-d

The setting sun, vermillion, sinking out view
I walk that red brick road that leads me back to me

Girls walk by me dressed in ruby
In the street tonight
For the summer it is here and the time is right
Monomaniac you call me, I do not agree
I’m not anything it’s just that everything’s r-e-d

Alizarin or Orenthal Crimson Sunrise by Maybelline
Martian explosion turning the ocean food color 17
Springtime transfusion, cherry profusion
Throughout the esplanade
Look, everything is red as anything, is it not?

Like Lennunn or McCarthy
In the last century
When the flag I love is passing
In my reverie
I’m saluting just one color
The one that I can see
I see r-e-d

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