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Set The Controls For Endless Summer from the release The Serpent Extrackaganza

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The tree bore fruit and then they both knew
The family grew, something else, too
But we were there in endless summer
At the first breath we drew

Then the blood cried out from the ground
The keeper is down, his brother’s east bound
And there would be no endless summer
From that first drop we drew

This all comes from farther than the eye can see
Buried inside, somewhere underneath our feet

This all comes from the bottom of the ocean
It was put in motion by an undersea explosion
That came from outer space
To save the human race

Then we sailed wherever we dared
We got the white bear, the white whale’s still there
And Ahab thinking’s led to sinking
From that first line we drew

Next we’ll go to Neptune, I guess
We’ll take the express, spare no expense
And set the controls for endless summer

Farther than the eye can see

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