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Teenage Witch from the release The Gravel Pit Manifesto

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"...this was their home / a home in which they lived / thousands of eons more existence now"

magic is so sensational 

rivers will run uphill if told to 

baby you're inspirational 

yours is the soul my soul is sold to
be my only teenage witch

meet me at 9 on jupiter 

mercury venus mars or saturn 

stupid love makes me stupider 

but i can tell that's not your pattern
be my only teenage witch

just last night 

i could see the glow
from your green light 

shot upon the moon
in its flight

flying through the gloom flying on a broom 

what should i do when i picture you

life is a strange idea that grew

love is a trail of hits and misses

i'll scratch a full report for you 

signed with my warlock hugs and kisses
be my only teenage witch

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