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The Rise Of Abimelech DuMont from the release Silver Gorilla

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in rolled a stagecoach from the east
and the skies grew dark behind it
all eyes were fixed upon

one abimelech dumont
as he climbed down off his perch
while one churchly bell rang once

the crowd did swell
they wished him well

so he bought up all the shops
and the banks and the newspaper
then to their small town hall

he did make a private call
til there was an understanding
then he surveyed his plot

and proceeded to build a house
from 24 karat gold
and in golden sheets
he dreamed golden dreams
and the sign in his window read:
who do you think this town belongs to?

sermons and articles of news
soon said little bad about him
though he was hated much

by the people who he crushed
as he climbed up to his mansion
placing his hands upon

the heads that bowed
and sang his praises loud

til the day we have earned our way
through your glorious gates made of gold

we will clean your streets
for some food to eat
and when anyone questioned them they said:
who do you think this town belongs to?

but some did not agree
so they wrote hatefully
about "abimelech the selfish"
but they would not get it published
and who do you think this town belongs to?
so they marched to his house
with alcohol doused
broken bars stools and towels
they threw as fireballs
but men beneath him
came and snapped their limbs
and the heavens rained lead
and the streets ran red
who the hell do you think this town belongs to?

and as the battle raged down in the sod
he shouted from his rooftop like a god:
who the hell do you think this town belongs to?

I'm giving this one a 7 out of 7, not because it is "perfect" but because I feel like The Gravel Pit doesn't have a better song. "Speak, I pray you, in the ears of all the men of Shechem: Which is better for you, that all the sons of Jerubbaal, who are threescore and ten persons, rule over you, or that one rule over you?" Judges 9 said Jedediah Parish on Thursday, January 7, 2016

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