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The Simple Fact from the release No One Here Gets In For Free

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i've only had one sip and it's nearly gone 

i'll stumble out the front door and i won't be back by dawn

no it's not much but it's all i've got 

when there's no work on the job board and the weather's piping hot

so i woke up i washed up i opened up a beer 

i called up my old foreman just to see what i would hear 

he said the real problem's not the jews but japanese 

so he cornered a korean and he broke both of his knees

the white and black the simple fact
stumble like a drunk man til i tumble down and crack 

tell me why must i do time for no crime what do i lack 

i feel forgotten at the bottom of the stack

so i figured all we have to do is change the system fast

i wrote our latest president he was hesitant like the last 

i sent one to a senator who didn't help me much 

i wrote to an attorney and a jury and a judge

but then i got a letter that was better than a lot
it said 
the people in charge have a heart that's so large that they've given you all they've got 

they've given you love they've given you trust they've even given you a war 

they've given you 200 channels of television how dare you ask for more

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